MPC8641D PEX: programming OWBAR in Endpoint mode?

tiejun.chen tiejun.chen at
Sat Sep 25 19:46:56 EST 2010

David Hagood wrote:
> On Fri, 2010-09-24 at 07:09 +0200, Chen, Tiejun wrote:
>> Right but this should be done for RC mode, not for EP mode we're
>> discussing.
>> Tiejun
> According to the Freescale documentation, outbound is just as valid for
> endpoint as for root complex - indeed, to generate MSIs from software


As a summary you have no any issue to access InBound/BAR/LAW. And actually I'm
always strange that even you cannot configure InBound/BAR/LAW properly, you also
should be allowed to write OutBound REGs. And I remember there is only one
requirement to OutBound, and that is the window address should be aligned based
on the size from OWS. Are you sure?

And did you try to configure OutBound REGS when RC mode? If so I'm afraid we may
miss some errata on EP.

And do you have any response from Freescale?


> REQUIRES programming an outbound ATMU to access the host's APIC.
> Moreover, ANY PCI endpoint SHOULD be able to do bus master access, and
> that is done by the outbound ATMUs.

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