ppc44x - how do i optimize driver for tlb hits

Ayman El-Khashab ayman at elkhashab.com
Fri Sep 24 01:12:46 EST 2010

I've implemented a working driver on my 460EX.  it allocates a couple
of buffers of 4MB each.  I have a custom memcmp algorithm in asm that
is extremely fast in user space, but 1/2 as fast when run on these

my tests are showing that the algorithm seems to be memory bandwidth
bound.  my guess is that i am having tlb or cache misses (my algo
uses the dbct) that is slowing performance.  curiously when in user
space, i can affect the performance by small changes in the size of
the buffer, i.e. 4MB + 32B is fast, 4MB + 4K is much worse.

Can i adjust my driver code that is using kmalloc to make sure that
the ppc44x has 4MB tlb entries for these and that they stay put?


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