MPC8641D PEX: programming OWBAR in Endpoint mode?

david.hagood at david.hagood at
Fri Sep 24 00:44:09 EST 2010

>> -----Original Message-----
 via the BARs.
> I read your email again and something hint me. I notice you clarify you
> already condigure InBound successfully.

I am programming BOTH the inbound ATMUs to make PPC memory available to
the root complex, AND programming outbound ATMUs to enable the PPC to bus
master to the root complex's memory space on PCIe.

I am NOT attempting to program the IWBARs - as you noted, they get
programmed by the root complex via PCI config operations.

>  And as my above comment I'm afraid you
> mix up InBound and OutBound on EP mode?

No, I am NOT confusing the two - that is why I am being VERY EXPLICIT
about accessing the OUTBOUND ATMUs.

The only reason I mention the inbound ATMUs is to demonstrate that the
physical layer is working.

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