MPC8641D PEX: programming OWBAR in Endpoint mode?

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> Subject: MPC8641D PEX: programming OWBAR in Endpoint mode?
> I am trying to get the PCIe interfaces of a Freescale 
> MPC8641D working in endpoint mode (i.e. as a PCI device 
> rather than a PCI root complex host).

As far as I recalled on 4xx the u-boot support for dynamic configuration
of PCIe ports for the targets equipped with PCIe interfaces. Often this
is done via the "pcie_mode" environement variable on the u-boot prompt.
On there you can set to "EP" or "RP" for endpoint or rootpoint mode.

But for Freescale MPC86xx this should be set accordin to the external
configure pin.

> I can get the device to show up on the host's PCI bus, I can 

This only ensure you can access the PCIe configure space.

> program the inbound ATMUs such that the BARS are updated when 
> the host (re-)scans them, but I cannot for the life of me get

What value are configured to IntBound REGs?
> the PPC's Outbound ATMUS to work.
> When I attempt to program them, I can program ALL the 
> registers EXCEPT the OWBAR - which steadfastly remains 0 no 
> matter what I write to it.

How do you configure OWS of PEXOWAR?

I means you still access that if OWS is match the whole target memory
size even when '0' is as the internal platform address.

> As a result, when I attempt to bus master out from the PPC to 
> the PCIe address spaces via the outbound ATMUs, I get a bus 
> fault on the PPC as there is no device at the address I am accessing.
> I've double-checked the LAWs to make sure the PEX is mapped 
> into local space, I've put the OWBAR in that address space, 
> I've tried different outbound ATMUs, and NOTHING works. Not 
> ATMU0, not ATMU1, etc.
> I've been trying to work with our Freescale rep, but I am 
> getting nowhere on that front.
> Does anybody have any suggestions on what I might be doing 
> wrong? I mean, it looks like it should be a simple 
> out_be32(addr_of_OWBAR,value), just like all the other 
> accesses to the ATMU registers that seem to be working (as 
> in, I read back what I wrote).

Out_be32 should be fine for atmu REGs. And also you can refe to the
function, setup_pci_atmu & setup_one_atmu, on the file,
arch/powerpc/sysdev/fsl_pci.c, to know how to access atmu REGs. Often
you should disable them, configure then enable/invoke atmu antry as
normal configuring sequent.

Additionally I'm a bit afraid your initial phase :) As you know PCIe
would be used as RC mode on Freescale PowerPC kernel. So I don't know if
you also drop this path on your kernel to conflict each other :) 


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