[PATCH v2 03/10] RapidIO: Use stored ingress port number instead of register read

Bounine, Alexandre Alexandre.Bounine at idt.com
Tue Sep 21 05:49:30 EST 2010

Andrew Morton <akpm at linux-foundation.org> wrote:
> The "variable length array at the end of the struct" thing is pretty
> commonly used and works well.  As long as we never want to change the
> number of switches on the fly (hotplug?).

This is expected to be a "strange" array - its size can be 0 or 1 only.
No number of switches in that array should be changed on the fly.
In the hotplug situation entire rio_dev structure should be added (or
RIO device can be endpoint or switch. If a RIO device is a switch - the
structure will be added at the end.

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