cuImage and multi image?

Shawn Jin shawnxjin at
Thu Sep 16 16:21:21 EST 2010


I have a cuImage kernel in order to support legacy u-boot and a
ramdisk image. Kernel boots fine if these two images are separate and
"bootm $kernel $ramdisk" is used. But I can not make it to work using
a single multi image that contains the kernel and ramdisk images. Is
it even technically possible to boot a multi-image with cuboot

On the cuImage kernel I have load address set to 0x400000 and the
entry address set to 0x400554 due to the cuboot wrapper. But to make a
multi image, both the load and the entry addresses should be set to
zero. And u-boot (1.1.2) bootm takes the entry address of the multi
image (i.e. 0x0) as the kernel entry address. 0x0 is certainly not the
entry address for a cuImage kernel.

Is there a possible workaround other than using two separate images?


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