Reserved pages in PowerPC

Ankita Garg ankita at
Thu Sep 16 15:23:11 EST 2010


I am trying to hotplug/offline sections of memory on a Power machine.
I boot the kernel with kernelcore=1G commandline parameter. I see that except
for 512MB, the rest of the memory is movable. When trying to do hot-remove, I
notice that I am unable to remove the very last section of memory, one with
the highest physical address. It is always marked as non-movable.

With some debugging I found that that section has reserved pages. On
instrumenting the memblock_reserve() and reserve_bootmem() routines, I can see
that many of the memory areas are reserved for kernel and initrd by the
memblock reserve() itself. reserve_bootmem then looks at the pages already
reserved and marks them reserved. However, for the very last section, I see
that bootmem reserves it but I am unable to find a corresponding reservation
by the memblock code.

memblock_reserve: start 0 size 3519 
reserve_bootmem 0 dbf000 nid=0
memblock_reserve: start 12096 size 15372
reserve_bootmem 2f40000 ccc000 nid=0
memblock_reserve: start 15628 size 15650
reserve_bootmem 3d0c000 16000 nid=0
memblock_reserve: start 1982455 size 1982464
reserve_bootmem 1e3ff7c00 8400 nid=0
reserve_bootmem 3d7f64000 3f000 nid=1
reserve_bootmem 3d7fa3c00 48400 nid=1
reserve_bootmem 3d7feeda8 11258 nid=1
Is it a known behavior on Power ? If yes, for what purpose is the memory
in the higher address reserved for ? I have seen that even if the system
has multiple nodes, only the very last section of the last node is not

Ankita Garg (ankita at
Linux Technology Center
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