Generating elf kernel ?

tiejun.chen tiejun.chen at
Thu Sep 16 13:02:52 EST 2010

Guillaume Dargaud wrote:
>> Please use simpleImage.<your target dts name>.elf.
> Great, that seems to be it...
> Except that nothing happens when I jump to 0x40000, no message from the 

0x40000? I recalled the entry point should be 0x400000 for simepleImage.*.elf.
So you have to change this on the file, arch/powerpc/boot/wrapper.

And also you should confirm if the upstream kernel support your board.

Additionally let's assume your bootloader create the map between the virtual
address and the physical address as 1:1. If so you want to execute from 0x40000.
 But the actual PC address should be the loader address + offset. You can get
this by readelf. Here if your loader address is zero, the offset will be pc
address, not 0x40000. You can dump your memory to check this.


> kernel, nothing.
> I'm a bit stumped here as my old kernel worked fine.

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