CONFIG_PROVE_LOCKING broken on 83xx (and all of powerpc?)

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Fri Sep 10 08:13:53 EST 2010

On Thu, 2010-09-09 at 17:11 -0500, Scott Wood wrote:
> > I would have expected uboot to warn (the kernel ELF header contains
> the
> > BSS size) but apparently that isn't the case.
> U-Boot doesn't use ELF files with Linux, so it has no idea where the
> BSS is.  uImage is just a wrapper around a flat binary.

Oh, right, I forgot about that... -1 for uboot there. Seriously, it's
time it grows the ability to load ELF or to at least stick an ELF in a
uImage... I've never understood the reasoning for that uImage wrapper
thingy. Definitely causes more problems than it solves in my experience.


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