[PATCH] APM821xx: Add support for new SoC APM821xx

Tirumala Marri tmarri at apm.com
Thu Sep 9 03:27:25 EST 2010

> > CPU portion uses SoC name.
> Hm, you're right. Confusing.
> Still, the cpu setup functions would make more sense to have the core
> name in, not the SoC name. Especially since multiple SoC families might
> use the same core, etc.
[Marri] I agree. Probably we need another node which identifies SoC as

> > Different features from other.
> Actually, it doesn't. Linus has had a strong pushback to the ARM
> community
> because of this mentality. arch/powerpc already has 100 defconfigs.
> The use of devicetrees means that only the actual devices on your
> board,
> will be configured, so it doesn't do any damage to compile in more
> drivers
> than you happen to have. Thus generating a defconfig that is a superset
> of some of your more common boards, or for example one per family of
> boards.
> One of the arguments for having custom defconfigs per board is that
> customers that
> base designs off of your eval board needs them. But they will make
> other changes
> to the config to add drivers for whatever additional devices they have
> anyway.
[Marri] I see. I am working on the modifications.

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