How to define an I2C-to-SPI bridge device ?

Andre Schwarz at
Mon Sep 6 21:40:36 EST 2010


> we're about to get new MPC8377 based hardware with various peripherals.
>> There are two I2C-to-SPI bridge devices (NXP SC18IS602) and I'm not sure
>> how to define a proper dts...
>> Of course it's an easy thing creating 2 child nodes on the CPU's I2C
>> device - but how can I represent the created SPI bus ?
> Um.. the same as the other SPI buses? I.e.
> i2c-controller {  /* SOC I2C controller */
> 	spi-controller {  /* The I2C-to-SPI bridge */
> 		spi-device at 0 {
> 		};
> 		spi-device at 1 {
> 		};
> 	};
> };
ok , thanks - looks straight forward.
Is this any more than plain definition, i.e. will this trigger any I2C 
or SPI device registration/linking ?
>> Is the (possibly) required driver (of_sc18is60x_spi ?) supposed to be an
>> I2C slave or an SPI host driver ?
> It should be an I2C driver that registers an SPI master (i.e.
> calls spi_alloc_master() and spi_register_master()).
hmm - ok. Will have to do it manually then ...

I still wonder how to make the driver arch-generic *and* of-capable.
Do we need a generic I2C slave driver that can be probed along with an 
"of glue driver" or should the of-binding be part of a single device 
driver ?

Sorry for the dumb questions - looks like I expected a little too much 
functionality already existing.


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