Freescale P2020/ 85xx PCIe: DMA low throughtput

Jenkins, Clive Clive.Jenkins at
Wed Oct 27 22:28:21 EST 2010

>		Hi, 
>		I'm working on bring up for a new board based on
Freescales p2020.
>		I have a programmable FPGA as a PCIe device with a
buffer I can
>		write to and from.
>		I want to test  performence for the PCIe bus. 
>		I encountered a problem while doing a DMA between the
>		The whole buffer  moves  to and from  the device  with
>		mismatches but with low throughtput. 
>		The thing is that the buffer divided to many
transactions of byte
>		size instead of transferring it in a burst. 
>		I must mention that even a buffer of word size, divided
in to byte
>		transactions by the DMA (the core can read a word so it
seems like
>		the DMA fault.
>		I tried to change the latency timer, max latency, min
latency and
>		cache line in the configuration space of both sides of
the pcie
>		bus. It didn't help.
>		Do you have an idea what can it be? 
>		Thanks,
>		Natalie. 
>	Assuming the P2020 has the usual 85xx-style DMA engine, you may
>	the Band Width Control cleared to 0. This 4-bit field (BWC)
>	the transfer size to 2^BWC bytes, for BWC=0,1,..0xa. 0xb-0xe are
>	reserved. 0xf disables bandwidth sharing to allow uninterrupted
>	transfers from each channel, so if you are using several
>	one channel can completely lock out other channels. BWC=0x8 at
>	(2^8 = 256 bytes). See the P2020 manual for more details.
>	BWC is the field with mask 0x0f000000 in the MR (Master Reset)
>	register for the channel (0, 1, 2, 3), at offset 0x100, 0x180,
>	0x280 relative to the base of the DMA controller.
>	Clive
> Hi, Thanks.
> I changed the BWC but  the transactions are still in a byte size
> of burst. Do you have another idea?
> Natalie.

Sorry, no.

Are you sure you have modified the FSL-DMA driver in the kernel so it
does not
write zero to BWC?


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