[PATCH -mm 0/2] RapidIO: Changes to handling of RIO switches

Micha Nelissen micha at neli.hopto.org
Sat Oct 23 08:58:59 EST 2010

Bounine, Alexandre wrote:
> Micha Nelissen <micha at neli.hopto.org> wrote:
>> rswitch->rdev->destid should be the id associated with a given switch,
>> so that every (processor) device can agree what id some switch has.
> If we will need to identify the same physical switch by different
> processors we may use the component tag which now is unique for every
> device.

Yes, identification is the point. I think it might be confusing to have 
a destid *and* a component tag id which are slightly different. The 
destid is unambiguous (if you know whether the device is a switch or 
endpoint) so I think it makes sense to use that if possible.

> This actually gives me another idea: instead of using global
> next_switchid counter make rswitch->switchid = component_tag and
> switches in sysfs will look identical for every processor (or just get
> rid of rswitch->switchid and use component_tag directly for switches).

I still prefer the destid as the single identification id.


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