question about cpm_uart_cpm2.c "Section mismatch in reference from the function cpm_uart_allocbuf"

xiaokun xiaokun at
Wed May 5 21:19:18 EST 2010

I am using MPC8272ADS_20080623-ltib.iso from freescale

The Linux Kernel is 2.6.25.

When I make uImage, the error message is :

WARNING: vmlinux.o(.text+0x159450): Section mismatch in reference from the function cpm_uart_allocbuf() to the function .init.text:__alloc_bootmem()
The function cpm_uart_allocbuf() references
the function __init __alloc_bootmem().
This is often because cpm_uart_allocbuf lacks a __init
annotation or the annotation of __alloc_bootmem is wrong.

It seems that "drivers\serial\cpm_uart\cpm_uart_cpm2.c" needs to be patched.
How to find the patch?
How to search in  the collection of prior postings to this mail list?
I am a newbie.
Thanks for help!

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