ramdisk size is larger than 4MB

Shawn Jin shawnxjin at gmail.com
Sat Jul 31 16:32:45 EST 2010

>> One way to lift this limitation is to relocate the bootwrapper to
>> somewhere else, say for example, 0x1000000 so that a 16MB initramfs
>> can be loaded. If the bootwrapper is relocated, what else would be
>> affected by this relocation?
> It should be fine to just change it locally.  It would be a problem to
> change it upstream for all boards, since some supported boards have
> only 16MB (or even 8MB) of RAM.

I'll definitely try to change it locally first. Would a configurable
base address for the bootwrapper an acceptable solution?

> Another option is to provide a vmlinux_alloc callback to stick the
> kernel somewhere other than zero, at the cost of an extra image copy
> once the kernel runs to get itself back down to zero.  This wasn't done
> in cuboot because it was considered better to adjust the bootwrapper
> link address at build time based on the kernel+ramfs image size, but
> that never got implemented.
> Perhaps a reasonable compromise is a vmlinux_alloc that returns zero if
> the image fits there, and calls malloc otherwise?

I'll look into this too.


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