[PATCH 0/6] Remove owner field from sysfs attribute structure

Guenter Roeck guenter.roeck at ericsson.com
Thu Jul 29 15:09:20 EST 2010

The following comment is found in include/linux/sysfs.h:

   /* FIXME
    * The *owner field is no longer used.
    * x86 tree has been cleaned up. The owner
    * attribute is still left for other arches.

As it turns out, the *owner field is (again?) initialized in several modules,
suggesting that such initialization may be creeping back into the code.

This patch set removes the above comment, the *owner field, and each instance
in the code where it was found to be initialized.

Compiled with x86 allmodconfig as well as with all alpha, arm, mips, powerpc,
and sparc defconfig builds.

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