Problems using UART on MPC5200

Sven Batzer sven at
Wed Jul 28 19:26:10 EST 2010


I am using a PowerPC MPC5200 from Freescale (with STK5200-Board), ELDK 4.2
from DENX and the Kernel 2.6.34-rc5.

My Kernel is running fine. The console output is coming over the device

In future I want to login over telnet. So I deactivated the Kerneloption
to output the console over the UART device.

Now I want to read and write to the RS232 interface from a program.
But when I try to open the device ttyPSC* I get the following error:
"unable to read portsettings : Inappropriate ioctl for device"

What does this mean ? How can I send and receive Data from/to the UART ?

Thanks for your help.


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