problems flashing custom board

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Sat Jul 24 01:43:01 EST 2010


I am having problems programming u-boot(from ltib) in ads5121 based custom
board with CodeWarrior USB TAP(sector not erased). I hope you could help me.

Instead of 64 MB NOR flash(2xS29-GL256P) I am using a 16 MB (S29-GL128P) in
muxed-mode. I have choosen 5121ADS_init_sram_flash.cfg as base file, and
modified flash size and configuration on this way:
- writemem.l 0x80000020 0xfc00fcff     // CS0 from 0xfc00_0000 to
0xfcff_ffff, 16 MB flash
- writemem.l 0x80010000 0x05059110 //16 bit data, muxed mode

I have doubts about RST_CONF_LOC and RST_CONF_BMS; afaik, this two bits
select where u-boot should be programed, am I wrong? but, according
RST_CONF_BMS description there are only two boot start possible address for
- 0x0000_0000 if BMS=0
- 0XFFF0_0000 if BMS=1 (as in eval. board).

But, if I map my flash to 0xfc00_0000.. it does not reach oxfff0_0000.. I
tried to map it to 0x0000_0000 (where SRAM is according cfg) and SRAM to
0xfc00_0000 but  I got : flash ID error (as if flash driver could not be
loaded?) Can u-boot be programed to any flash position? and .. can SRAM not
be mapped to any position different to cero?

I read too that we should change TEXT_BASE u-boot macro. I changed it to
0xFC00_0000 that is where I want to have u-boot.. but no success.


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