Badness in xics_ipi_dispatch

Darren Hart dvhltc at
Tue Jul 20 15:35:07 EST 2010

Michael Ellerman <michael <at>> writes:

> On Tue, 2010-04-20 at 17:17 -0500, Brian King wrote:
> > In stress testing enabling and disabling of SMT, we are regularly
> > seeing the badness warning below. Looking through the cpu offline
> > path, this is what I see:
> > 
> > 1. stop_cpu: IRQ's get disabled
> > 2. pseries_cpu_disable: set cpu offline (no barriers after this)
> > 3. xics_migrate_irqs_away: Remove ourselves from the GIQ, but still allow
> >     IPIs
> > 4. stop_cpu: IRQ's get enabled again (local_irq_enable)
> > 
> > It looks to me like there is plenty of opportunity between 1 and 2 for
> > an IPI to get queued, resulting in the badness below. Is there something
> > in xics_migrate_irqs_away that should clear any pending IPIs?

Is that not what this does?

	/* Reject any interrupt that was queued to us... */

	/* Remove ourselves from the global interrupt queue */
	xics_set_cpu_giq(default_distrib_server, 0);

I thought the above would clear any pending (queued) interrupts and disable 
additional interrupts from coming in. Of course the next line allows IPIs again"

	/* Allow IPIs again... */

Which I confess I really don't get...

> > If there
> > is, maybe the solution is as simple as adding a barrier after marking
> > the cpu offline. Or is the warning bogus and we should just remove it?
> It looks like xics_migrate_irqs_away() doesn't do anything about IPIs,
> at least the comment says "Allow IPIs again". So I don't see what's to
> stop you just taking another IPI after you reenable interrupts in
> stop_cpu(). Maybe xics_ipi_dispatch() should just return if the cpu is
> offline?

We're seeing something possibly related in real-time. Notice how the decrementer 
handler interrupts stop_cpu(). Is the decrementer interrupt delivered as an IPI?

cpu 0x3: Vector: 700 (Program Check) at [c000000084d02d90]
    pc: c000000000068af4: .__might_sleep+0x11c/0x148
    lr: c000000000068af0: .__might_sleep+0x118/0x148
    sp: c000000084d03010
   msr: 8000000000021032
  current = 0xc000000086658240
  paca    = 0xc000000000bb8a80
    pid   = 4045, comm = kstop/3
kernel BUG at kernel/sched.c:10168!
enter ? for help
[c000000084d030b0] c0000000006a2798 .rt_spin_lock+0x4c/0x9c
[c000000084d03140] c0000000000e3c98 .cpuset_cpus_allowed_locked+0x38/0x74
[c000000084d031e0] c000000000070be0 .select_fallback_rq+0x10c/0x1a4
[c000000084d032a0] c00000000007cda8 .try_to_wake_up+0x1b0/0x540
[c000000084d03370] c00000000007d2e8 .wake_up_process+0x34/0x48
[c000000084d03400] c00000000008c5f8 .wakeup_softirqd+0x78/0x9c
[c000000084d03490] c00000000008c8e4 .raise_softirq+0x6c/0xa4
[c000000084d03520] c000000000099c18 .run_local_timers+0x2c/0x4c
[c000000084d035a0] c000000000099c90 .update_process_times+0x58/0x9c
[c000000084d03640] c0000000000c2e70 .tick_sched_timer+0xd0/0x120
[c000000084d036f0] c0000000000b4bec .__run_hrtimer+0x1a0/0x29c
[c000000084d037a0] c0000000000b558c .hrtimer_interrupt+0x21c/0x394
[c000000084d038d0] c0000000000307d8 .timer_interrupt+0x1dc/0x2e4
[c000000084d03970] c000000000003700 decrementer_common+0x100/0x180
--- Exception: 901 (Decrementer) at c00000000000d144 
[link register   ] c0000000000e57ec .stop_cpu+0x1c0/0x1ec
[c000000084d03c60] c00000000104a4f0 (unreliable)
[c000000084d03ca0] c0000000000e5780 .stop_cpu+0x154/0x1ec
[c000000084d03d40] c0000000000a8b84 .worker_thread+0x25c/0x338
[c000000084d03e60] c0000000000af8c8 .kthread+0xb8/0xc4
[c000000084d03f90] c000000000034408 .kernel_thread+0x54/0x70


Darren Hart

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