kernel boot stuck at udbg_putc_cpm()

Shawn Jin shawnxjin at
Mon Jul 12 16:26:45 EST 2010

> You're probably getting to the point where udbg is disabled because the
> real serial driver is trying to take over -- and something's going
> wrong with the real serial port driver.  Check to make sure the brg
> config is correct (both the input clock and the baud rate you're trying
> to switch to).  Commenting out the call to cpm_set_brg can be
> a quick way of determining if that's the problem.

It seems that the last CP command RESTART_TX never completes in the
cpm_uart_console_setup(). I commented out the writes to brgc1 in
cpm_setbrg() in cpm1.c so that the brgc1 value stays the same as
previously set.

The registers related to SMC1 are dumped below before the last
RESTART_TX command. The CPCR was 0x0090. But after issuing the
RESTART_TX command the CPCR kept at 0x0691. Is there any other obvious
reason for CPM not completing the command? It got to be something
related to the settings.

BDI>rd cpcr
cpcr           : 0x0090      144
BDI>rd rccr
rccr           : 0x0001      1
BDI>rd rmds
rmds           : 0x00        0
BDI>rd rctr1
rctr1          : 0x0000      0
BDI>rd rctr2
rctr2          : 0x0000      0
BDI>rd rctr3
rctr3          : 0x802e      -32722
BDI>rd rctr4
rctr4          : 0x802c      -32724
BDI>rd rter
rter           : 0x0000      0
BDI>rd rtmr
rtmr           : 0x0000      0
BDI>rd brgc1
brgc1          : 0x00010618  67096
BDI>rd smcmr1
smcmr1         : 0x4823      18467
BDI>rd smce1
smce1          : 0x00        0
BDI>rd smcm1
smcm1          : 0x00        0


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