C67x00 USB Host

A C jodorowsky.a at gmail.com
Sun Jul 11 23:26:39 EST 2010

I am currently trying to use the C67x00 driver in the vanilla branch of
Linux. I use it in coprocessor hpi mode (GPIO30 and GPIO31 =0) There is
something that I do not understand in the code.
In the probe() function there is a call to the function hpi_reg_init(). In
this function the interrupts are no more routed from HPI.
Then, in the probe function, the ll_reset() is called, there is a send in
the mailbox, and the response should be an interupt. But I do not receveive
any interrupt. I think it is normal because as I said they are no more
routed from the HPI. So I think I miss something.
Someone could tell me where the interrupt are routed towards HPI ?
Thanks by advance
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