[PATCH v1]460EX on-chip SATA driver<resubmisison>

Rupjyoti Sarmah rsarmah at apm.com
Fri Jul 2 03:44:14 EST 2010

Dear All,

The Synopsis design ware core is task file orientated so the driver would
still need CONFIG_ATA_SFF.
I would be fixing the Kconfig file to make it dependent on the


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Dear Josh Boyer,

In message <20100630200325.GD7756 at zod.rchland.ibm.com> you wrote:
> The driver doesn't depend on CONFIG_ATA_SFF in it's Kconfig file, but
seems to
> require it at build time.  Isn't that something that needs fixing in the
> driver?

Right.  Next question is if this is really needed for this driver.

Best regards,

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