machine check in kernel for a mpc870 board

Shawn Jin shawnxjin at
Thu Jul 1 17:50:08 EST 2010

Hi Scott,

> How do I find the address, reg, and range for nodes like localbus,
> soc, eth0, cpm, serial etc.? Do the addresses of localbus and soc
> relate to IMMR? So my localbus and soc should be as follows?
>        localbus at fa200100 {
>                compatible = "fsl,mpc885-localbus", "fsl,pq1-localbus",
>                             "simple-bus";
>                #address-cells = <2>;
>                #size-cells = <1>;
>                reg = <0xfa200100 0x40>;
>                ranges = <
>                        0 0 0xfe000000 0x01000000    // I'm not sure about this?
>                >;
>        };

I managed to proceed a little bit further.
    Memory <- <0x0 0x8000000> (128MB)
    ENET0: local-mac-address <- 00:09:9b:01:58:64
    CPU clock-frequency <- 0x7270e00 (120MHz)
    CPU timebase-frequency <- 0x393870 (4MHz)
    CPU bus-frequency <- 0x3938700 (60MHz)

    zImage starting: loaded at 0x00400000 (sp: 0x07d1ccd0)
    Allocating 0x186bdd bytes for kernel ...
    gunzipping (0x00000000 <- 0x0040c000:0x00591c30)...done 0x173b18 bytes

    Linux/PowerPC load: root=/dev/ram
    Finalizing device tree... flat tree at 0x59e300

The gdb showed deadbeef.
    (gdb) target remote ppcbdi:2001
    Remote debugging using ppcbdi:2001
    0xdeadbeef in ?? ()

The kernel doesn't seem to start. What could go wrong here?

Thanks a lot,

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