[PATCH] Make cpu hotplug driver lock part of ppc_md

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Tue Jan 12 13:23:16 EST 2010

> The intention of the cpu_hotplug_driver_locks to add additional serialization
> during cpu hotplug operations.  For pseries this is used during DLPAR of cpu
> operations so that cpu hotplug actions cannot be initiated whiloe a DLPAR
> operation is in flight.  For example, during DLPAR add we take the lock while
> acquiring the cpu from firmware and updating the device tree with the new
> cpu information, after which we hotplug add the cpu to the system.  
> There is nothing harmless about taking the lock on all platforms, I was just
> trying to avoid taking the lock if the additional serialization is not needed.
> > 
> > If so, you could just make the mutex available to all powerpc code, and
> > rename it, and then we wouldn't need all this jiggery pokery just to
> > take & release a lock.
> I can make the lock available to all powerpc code and not go through the
> ppc_md struct, it makes no difference to me personally.  Of course this would
> make all that fun pokery jiggery go away :)

Yeah, Michael is right, just make it global to powerpc, it should make
things simpler.


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