[-next April 8] eHEA driver failure on powerpc

Sachin Sant sachinp at in.ibm.com
Sat Apr 10 03:48:18 EST 2010

Sachin Sant wrote:
> With today's next release, eHEA network interface on couple
> of power6 boxes fails to initialize.
> # modprobe ehea
> IBM eHEA ethernet device driver (Release EHEA_0102)
>  alloc irq_desc for 256 on node 0
>  alloc kstat_irqs on node 0
> irq: irq 590080 on host null mapped to virtual irq 256
> ehea: Error in ehea_plpar_hcall_norets: opcode=26c 
> ret=fffffffffffffffc arg1=8000000003000000 arg2=0 
> arg3=7000000000050400 arg4=fc9b0000 arg5=200 arg6=0 arg7=0
> ehea: Error in ehea_reg_mr_section: register_rpage_mr failed
> ehea: Error in ehea_reg_kernel_mr: registering mr failed
> ehea: Error in ehea_setup_ports: creating MR failed
> ehea 23c00200.lhea: setup_ports failed
> ehea: probe of 23c00200.lhea failed with error -5
I tracked this problem to the following commit.

commit 7545ba6f82924d4523f8f8a2baf2e517a750265d
powerpc/mm: Bump SECTION_SIZE_BITS from 16MB to 256MB

If i revert this commit, the network interface is initialized
properly. Verified this on two different power6 boxes.



Sachin Sant
IBM Linux Technology Center
India Systems and Technology Labs
Bangalore, India

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