linux-next: manual merge of the sh tree with the powerpc-merge tree

Stephen Rothwell sfr at
Wed Oct 28 13:13:56 EST 2009

Hi Paul,

Today's linux-next merge of the sh tree got a conflict in fs/Kconfig
between commit 0cd9ad73b8d181737005ff4e506b9b6bd043f4dd ("powerpc: Limit
hugetlbfs support to PPC64 Book-3S machines") from the powerpc-merge tree
and commit ffb4a73d8906f71910e6c83ec2b499e70025ee8e ("sh: Fix hugetlbfs
dependencies for SH-3 && MMU configurations") from the sh tree.

I fixed it up (see below) and can carry the fix for a while (the
powerpc-merge commit should be in Linus' tree soon).
Stephen Rothwell                    sfr at

diff --cc fs/Kconfig
index f93d0ed,48b81f9..0000000
--- a/fs/Kconfig
+++ b/fs/Kconfig
@@@ -135,8 -135,8 +135,8 @@@ config TMPFS_POSIX_AC
  config HUGETLBFS
  	bool "HugeTLB file system support"
- 	depends on X86 || IA64 || PPC_BOOK3S_64 || SPARC64 || (SUPERH && MMU) || \
 -	depends on X86 || IA64 || PPC64 || SPARC64 || (S390 && 64BIT) || \
++	depends on X86 || IA64 || PPC_BOOK3S_64 || SPARC64 || \
  	  hugetlbfs is a filesystem backing for HugeTLB pages, based on
  	  ramfs. For architectures that support it, say Y here and read

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