Micrel PHY KSZ8001 on MPC5200B FEC

Roman Fietze roman.fietze at telemotive.de
Tue Oct 27 23:17:27 EST 2009


We would need some help on how to make a Micrel KSZ8001 work on the
MPC5200B FEC using the kernel DENX-v2.6.3[01].

We can already boot the kernel and device tree using TFTP and this PHY
using a recent U-Boot version, so we would need some pointers how to
acomplish that.

Add a proper PHY driver in the drivers/net/phy/ directory?

Modify the DTS? If yes, how? A link to some documentation that's not
already in the kernel sources would already help.

Is it correct, when looking at the sources, that the MPC's FEC driver
switched to the generic PHY driver interface?


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