[PATCH, RFC] powerpc, pci: fix MODPOST warning

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Wed Oct 14 16:47:33 EST 2009

On Mon, 2009-10-05 at 09:06 +0200, Heiko Schocher wrote:
> Hello,
> Heiko Schocher wrote:
> > making a powerpc target with PCI support, shows the
> > following warning:
> > 
> >   MODPOST vmlinux.o
> > WARNING: vmlinux.o(.text+0x10430): Section mismatch in reference from the function pcibios_allocate_bus_resources() to the function .init.text:reparent_resources()
> > The function pcibios_allocate_bus_resources() references
> > the function __init reparent_resources().
> > This is often because pcibios_allocate_bus_resources lacks a __init
> > annotation or the annotation of reparent_resources is wrong.
> > 
> > This patch fix this warning by removing the __init
> > annotation before reparent_resources.
> No comments? So, is this fix OK, or unusable?

Nah, just me missing it but it's reference on patchwork. I'll pick
the patch up. We can probably make some of that __devinit instead
of __init though but we can look at it later.


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