[RFC] misc/at24: add experimental OF support for the generic eeprom driver

Wolfram Sang w.sang at pengutronix.de
Fri Oct 9 07:27:23 EST 2009

> No, this goes beyond PPC/OF.  The real issue is that it is no longer a
> safe assumption that pdata will be a static data structure in platform
> code.  The number of possible data sources is going to get larger, not
> smaller.  OF is just one.  UEFI is another.  Translating that data
> into pdata will be the problem that comes up over and over again.
> However, translation code is still driver specific, so it belongs with
> the driver that it translates code for.
> So, in my opinion, translation code must:
> 1. be *tiny* -- should be trivial to add to a driver without impacting
> common code
> 2. live with the driver that it translates data for; ideally in the
> same .c file for drivers that are small.

I am with Grant on these points. It is more than just PPC.

> > No matter how small the OF code is, I believe we shouldn't put it
> > into the generic code. Take a look at mmc_spi case again, it can be
> > easily extended to any arch, because there is no arch-specific stuff,
> > but a "get/put" pattern for platform data.

Will check this tomorrow.

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