Regression detecting memory size on PPC440EPx

Mike Nuss mike at
Tue Oct 6 02:49:47 EST 2009

Valentine wrote:
> AFAIK, u-boot just writes pre-defined values to the memory controller
> registers. It doesn't do any chiptype/memsize detection. These values
> are set for Sequoia and may not suite your board. So you probably need
> to adjust the u-boot to make linux detect the memory size correctly.
> Thanks,
> Val.

In old versions of U-Boot that was true. Now there is definitely code
that reads the SPD EEPROM and sets up the Denali controller

There could be some hardcoded value being written to the registers that
is incorrect for the kernel - in fact that is my suspicion - but the
values U-Boot itself is using for the size calculation must be correct.


PS: Is top posting customary on this list?  I'm used to bottom posting;
let me know if I'm doing it wrong.

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