[PATCH] perf_event, powerpc: Fix compilation after big perf_counter rename

Stephen Rothwell sfr at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Oct 1 21:13:02 EST 2009

Hi Ingo,

On Thu, 1 Oct 2009 09:42:01 +0200 Ingo Molnar <mingo at elte.hu> wrote:
> * Stephen Rothwell <sfr at canb.auug.org.au> wrote:
> > On Thu, 24 Sep 2009 23:25:55 +1000 Michael Ellerman <michael at ellerman.id.au> wrote:
> > >
> > > Give me a day or two, I should be able to add a per-branch setting for
> > > who to send mails to without too much trouble.
> > 
> > In the mean time I don't now if someone has pointed you at these today:
> > 
> > http://kisskb.ellerman.id.au/kisskb/branch/12/
> That's an upstream warning.

When I sent that to you, I was referring to these build results:


which (as you say) was only a waning in the rest of the kernel but is
turned into an error by the -Werror we use when building arch/powerpc.
The warning came from commit 4765c1db84c73f775eb1822a009117cbae524e9e
("rcu-tiny: The Bloatwatch Edition, v6") in the -tip tree and fixed by
commit 5ef9b8e59c043624fb44e31439cecf7f8b4cd62a ("rcu: Clean up the
warning message about RCU not defined") the next day (in the -tip tree).
So no big problem.  Neither of these commits are upstream.

I was just filling in the role of notifying you of build problems until
Michael can automate it.
Stephen Rothwell                    sfr at canb.auug.org.au
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