[RFC PATCH 17/19] powerpc: wii: bootmii starlet 'mini' firmware support

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Fri Nov 27 09:00:45 EST 2009

>>> Add support for the BootMii 'mini' firmware replacement for the
>>> Starlet processor.
>>> 'mini' is an open source IOS replacement written from scratch by
>>> Team Twiizers.
>> It's not a replacement, it doesn't have any of the same  
>> functionality.
> I didn't know 'replacement' had that semantics.

It's ambiguous.

> My intention was to say that 'mini' firmware is an alternative to  
> the stock IOS firmware, not trying to imply that it behaves like it  
> or it is compatible with it.
> Point taken.
> I'll use 'mini' alternate firmware if that's ok.

"Alternative firmware" is fine.

>>> +enum starlet_ipc_flavour {
>>> +};
>> I thought you don't support IOS at all anymore?
> I don't plan to mainline IOS support.
> But to make runtime decisions I need to know if we are running  
> along the 'mini' firmware or the default IOS firmware.
> That's the intention of that enum.

>> Modern mini will always have AHBPROT set up to give you full access,
>> so this isn't needed either.
> So we have two options here:
> - assume that whatever firmware is running properly sets AHBPROT  
> and hope it works
> - or try to use the existing firmware interfaces to check and make  
> sure that AHBPROT is indeed properly set
> I chose the second option here.

It is much much simpler to simply require a new enough mini :-)

>> Do you need this driver to boot?  If not, it might be best to  
>> leave it
>> out for now.
> Strictly speaking, we don't need the driver to boot if we asume  
> that AHBPROT is properly set.
> But we'll need it later to shutdown 'mini' drivers, unless 'mini'  
> is changed to boot PowerPC code with all hardware already  
> relinquished.
> That is not true for the last available version of 'mini' firmware.  
> That version still boots PowerPC code with at least the SDHCI  
> controller driven by 'mini'.

I'll fix this.


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