Using archaic I2C with OF

Gary Thomas gary at
Mon May 4 22:19:14 EST 2009

Wolfram Sang wrote:
>> Post this on the i2c list. Jean has made an effort to convert all
>> drivers. He must have missed that one.
> What Jean did was converting all drivers who used the legacy i2c-binding to use
> the new binding which is a lot better suited to the driver model. The above
> mentioned driver already uses the new binding.
> The problem coming up here is another issue and also long standing and not yet
> solved. There are drivers which require platform_data with function pointers.
> You cannot encode function pointers to the device tree.
> One solution is to create a custom driver for your board with the needed
> specific function and create a platform device from there. Sometimes it
> works to add a bit more info to the device tree (e.g. some gpios) and
> parse it via an of_wrapper around the platform driver.
So somehow, I need to create a platform driver, possibly inside an
of_wrapper, which
eventually instantiates an I2C device on a particular bus, with my
specific platform

Sorry, but I'm lost here.  How do I untangle this maze of twisty little

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