[PATCH 00/33] My PS3-specific patches for 2.6.31

Nate Case ncase at xes-inc.com
Thu Jun 11 08:00:05 EST 2009

On Thu, 2009-06-11 at 07:43 +1000, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> Grrrr.....
> I though I made it clear that patches should be ready in -next
> -before- the merge window, in fact, by rc7 or rc8, we should have a
> good idea of what's going in either via my 'next' branch or pending
> stuff in patchwork.
> I'll go through your pile and may still merge it this time around, but
> you should be more proactive at feeding me with that stuff before it's
> merge time.

Hmm, I guess this sorta answers my question to Kumar about my recent
-next submissions being eligible for 2.6.31.  Sorry for not paying
closer attention -- I just assumed we weren't even close to the cutoff
time.  I didn't even see Kumar's "next" branch until April 30th (around
-rc6..rc7 time I think).

Nate Case <ncase at xes-inc.com>

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