How to access PPC460EX SDRAM space from PCI/PCIe.

Lonsn lonsn2005 at
Thu Dec 31 19:55:26 EST 2009

I'm now using canyonlands board with latest u-boot and linux kernel
from DENX git.
A PCIe card is plugged in the PCIeX4 slot. The PCIe card is a PCIe-pci
bridge(PI7C9X130) plus an Altera fpga.
The PCIe card act as a PCI master and send data to SDRAM of 460EX
space (total sdram 512MB, reserve 8M for PCI write data(0x1F800000)).
Now linux can identify this card, but CPU cann't receive any data from
PCIe and no PCIe interrupt.
I know about the PCI card works in 32bit mode and doesn't support
64bit address(No pci dual address cycle support).
Does the PCI card can access PPC460EX sdram space using just 32bit
physical address(0x1F800000)?

Best regards,

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