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>Michael Ellerman wrote:
>> On Wed, 2009-12-23 at 19:41 +0530, Kumar Gopalpet-B05799 wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I am trying linux 2.6.32-rc3 in SMP mode. I am seeing a lot of BAD 
>>> interrupts when I do a "cat  /proc/interrupts".
>>> I am running a forwarding application b/w two ethernet ports 
>>> (ethernet uses gianfar driver).
>>> Has any one observed these BAD interrupts ? If so, can someone help 
>>> me in understanding why these interrupts come and how to 
>resolve it ?
>> You'll need to tell us what platform you're running on.
>> The BAD interrupts come from ppc_spurious_interrupts. It's a 
>count of 
>> the number of times we entered do_IRQ() (ie. took an external 
>> interrupt), but when we asked the interrupt controller which irq it 
>> was, the interrupt controller said there was no irq.
>> Depending on your interrupt controller that might happen 
>sometimes for 
>> valid reasons. Or it might indicate something is setup wrong.
>> cheers
>I think it will help to show us your /proc/interrupts so that 
>how you suffered from bad interrupts.

I am running linux-2.6.29 in SMP mode on P2020RDB ( ruuning at
1200/600/667). The test scenario forwarding 
application and is a bidirectioanl flow between eth0 & eth2.

Attached is the complete log of the test scenario.

I also noted another observation that when all the interrupts are mapped
to a single core, the BAD interrupts stop coming.



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