DWC_OTG Issues

Hunter Cobbs hunter.cobbs at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 13:35:15 EST 2009

Hello list.  I've run into a rather odd problem.  I seem to have a
problem with full-speed isochronous transfers across a USB2.0 Hub.  I
believe this was observed before with the general EHCI drivers in Linux.

In the latest branch of the kernel, the EHCI driver has some "Enhanced
Transaction Translation" scheduling.  This would be great for me to use
as it seems to directly address the issues I've seen.  However, I'm not
really sure on how to proceed because the DWC_OTG driver is not GPL code
while the EHCI code I'd like to use is.  Therefore, I don't believe that
I can port the Enhanced Transaction Translation routine into the DWC_OTG
driver without violating both the GPL and Synopsis's own driver.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to proceed?

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