Porting EP852 based system from kernel 2.4.24 to 2.6.x

Cristiano Cortezia cris_locortez at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 16 22:19:02 EST 2009

I work on a EP825 (MPC852T) based system running a 2.4.24 linux kernel
(which I didn't bring up in first place). Now I need to bring the board
alive over the latest kernel it may be possible to.

I've managed to cross-compile 2.26.32 kernel using most of the options I
could take from the existing 2.4.24 .config.
I could also download the generated uImage to the board using u-boot 1.0.2.
Uncompressed OK and then hung.

I've checked on mailing lists that the 2.6 series works with dts
(device-tree-sources). There are built-in make targets to generate images
backward compatibles with ancient u-boot versions. Then I tried one of these
targets to build a cuImage.xxx, but trying to boot from it also hangs. I
guess there is no make target that correspond to EP852.

Could someone point me some directions on what should I probably be missing
(from the very start of the "default porting procedure") ?
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