linux-next: devicetree tree build failure

Stephen Rothwell sfr at
Mon Dec 14 16:38:43 EST 2009

Hi Grant,

Today's linux-next build (powerpc allyesconfig) failed like this:

drivers/of/fdt.c: In function 'early_init_devtree':
drivers/of/fdt.c:530: error: 'early_init_dt_scan_phyp_dump' undeclared (first use in this function)

Caused by commit 825b073d40b34e331d49e727b9e208744ad26259 ("of/flattree:
merge early_init_devtree() and early_init_move_devtree()").

I have reverted that commit (and all later commits) from the devicetree
tree for today.

Grant, are these commits really intended for v2.6.33?  If not, please just
remove them from your tree until after v2.6.33-rc1, thanks.
Stephen Rothwell                    sfr at
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