[ibm_emac] rx_dropped_stack

Bross Stephan (LWE) Stephan.Bross at liebherr.com
Thu Dec 10 23:36:26 EST 2009

Hi all,

I am using linux version on
cpu             : 440GRX
revision        : 24.212 (pvr 2162 18d4)
bogomips        : 995.32
vendor          : AMCC
machine         : PPC440EPx LWMON5

I am using ethtool to read out NIC statistics. On every tested board I saw the counter increasing for 'rx_dropped_stack', on some boards also for 'rx_bd_errors', 'rx_bd_bad_fcs' and on few boards for 'tx_underrun' or 'tx_dropped'. Can you help me interpret those values? Which values are nice for information, which are really bad?

thanks in advance,

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