Ping does not work on my MPC8544 board, using linux2.6.23

林志平 solyn123 at
Mon Dec 7 14:53:22 EST 2009

This is my first time to post on this maillist,I got a problem that ping can
not work and I am wondering if it is because of my mismatch of linux kernel
and DTC compiler version.
I am using mpc8544ds_bsp provided by freescale.
I used uboot2009.08 to boot my board successfully.
At first, I using the dtc compiler in this bsp which is version 1.1.0 along
with linux2.6.23 which is also provided by this bsp.
But I failded to boot the linux kernel.
And later, I tried out using dtc1.2.0 and the mpc8544ds.dts in linux-2.6.23,
there are some systax errors like hex to dec. And I modified the
mpc8544ds.dts to to fit dtc1.2.0.
And I boot linux successfully, but PING doesnot work now.
I am sure I set the ipaddr netmask ,and  default gateway correctly.
Does dtc1.2.0 can compile dts files under linux2.6.23?
Another question is that I found linux2.6.31 does not support
board mpc8544ds, And I never boot linux-2.6.31 on my board, why linux-2.6.31
doesnot provide a config file like mpc8544_ds_defconfig?
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