MPC8343EA Linux DTS file

Kim Phillips kim.phillips at
Sat Dec 5 12:47:27 EST 2009

On Fri, 4 Dec 2009 15:43:18 -0800
Junita Ajith <ajijuni at> wrote:

please keep the list on the cc:, and don't top-post.

> This is the entire DTS file:
> /dts-v1/;
> / {
>         model = "SC3000";
>         compatible = "MPC8349EMDS", "MPC834xMDS", "MPC83xxMDS";

you don't mention the u-boot and kernel version numbers: does your
linux kernel check for these compatibles?  If yes, then use a debugger
to find out exactly where else the kernel could be dying.


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