[PATCH] ppc64: re-enable kexec to allow module loads with CONFIG_MODVERSIONS and CONFIG_RELOCATABLE turned on

Neil Horman nhorman at tuxdriver.com
Wed Dec 2 08:40:06 EST 2009

>> Paul, Ben, given that Rusty hasn't come back with any opinion on this patch,
>do you
>> feel comfortable merging it via the ppc tree?  Currently the earlyinit routine
>> is only compiled in and used for your arch, so I think its fairly benign.
>Sorry, I *did* track down the archives for linuxppc-dev, then find your post,
>then read your patch.  But I didn't actually reply.
>Other than minor issues, there's one significant one: you shouldn't be trying
>to change rodata.  It might work on PPC today, but it's poor form at least.
>How's this?  Untested on ppc.
I'll try grab a ppc64 system and test this soon.

>Other changes:
>1) I also changed reloc_start to an array; this is a good idea for any
>   linker-defined symbols so the compiler can't make assumptions about size.
Ok, I'll certainly trust your linker skill over mine :)

>2) local.h?  How about module.h?
Seems good to me
>3) I don't think the extra ". = 0" is necessary.
Its not, I was just trying to be clear about where reloc_start was to be placed.

>4) ARCH_USES_RELOC_ENTRIES isn't clear enough for me; I prefer
Sounds good to me.

I'll test this as soon as I'm able

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