[Patch 0/8] V4 Implement crashkernel=auto

Andrew Morton akpm at linux-foundation.org
Sat Aug 22 10:06:15 EST 2009

(cc linuxppc-dev at ozlabs.org)

On Fri, 21 Aug 2009 02:54:12 -0400
Amerigo Wang <amwang at redhat.com> wrote:

> This series of patch implements automatically reserved memory for crashkernel,
> by introducing a new boot option "crashkernel=auto". This idea is from Neil.
> In case of breaking user-space applications, it modifies this boot option after
> it decides how much memory should be reserved.
> On different arch, the threshold and reserved memory size is different. Please
> refer patch 8/8 which contains an update for the documentation.
> Patch 1/8 implements shrinking reserved memory at run-time, which is useful
> when more than enough memory is reserved automatically.
> Note: This patchset was only tested on x86_64 with differernt memory sizes.

I'd prefer that this change had been runtime tested on ia64 and powerpc
and has had some quality review from relevant developers of those

Looking at the cc's, I'm not sure that the powerpc guys even know about
this work?

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