OF modalias

Wolfgang Grandegger wg at grandegger.com
Thu Aug 20 00:15:03 EST 2009


I'm confused by the modalias'es created by OF devices, e.g.:

  # cat /sys/devices/f0000000.soc5200/f0000f00.spi/modalias 

First of all, the string "<NULL>" looks like an error. 

I could then dynamically load a driver module for the SPI using:

  # modprobe `cat sys/devices/f0000000.soc5200/f0000f00.spi/modalias`

This does make sense for the SPI device, but there are OF devices which
cannot really be used by a module driver, e.g.:

  # cat /sys/devices/f0000000.soc5200/f0000500.interrupt-controller/modalias

The same for localbus, cdm, etc. Does it make sense for these 
to create a modalias file?

Likely I have missed something. Thanks for clarification.


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