Adding MTD concat support to FSL ELBC NAND driver

Scott Wood scottwood at
Fri Aug 14 03:37:46 EST 2009

Felix Radensky wrote:
> Currently concatenation support is implemented in physmap_of driver.
> The syntax used to define a concatenation device involves multiple
> reg tuples, as described in 
> Documentation/powerpc/dts-bindings/mtd-physmap.txt. Will same syntax
> be acceptable for NAND chips ?

I'm not too fond of that -- it would require support in each controller 
driver, and would preclude providing other device-specific information 
in the node (e.g. what if each NAND chip has to sit under a different 
parent node to describe its connection to the system?).  What if a NAND 
controller has multiple reg resources for each chip?  It's not 
memory-like the way NOR flash is.

If we're going to put it in the device tree at all (I suppose for the 
same reason we put partitioning there), it should probably be some 
external construct that glues together flash nodes.


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