[PATCH -v2 0/7] powerpc: use asm-generic/dma-mapping-common.h

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Thu Aug 13 18:09:41 EST 2009

> Ben, what's your preference? I waited for your reaction with these 
> bits, i.e. they are not in tip:core/iommu yet.

Oh I though they were... discard my previous private mail about
missing Ack's then :-)

I'll review them more in depth hopefully tomorrow but they look good.

> One variant would be what Fujita suggested: you could pull 
> core/iommu as a basis (it's a well-tested, problem-free tree at the 
> moment, with no big risky items), and then pull/apply the powerpc 
> specific bits from Fujita.

Or we can have the patches in core/iommu and I pull the whole thing
in powerpc-next. My main concern isn't which tree they go through but
that they are in powerpc-next for better testing.


> A second variant would be that we could pull these bits into 
> core/iommu ... albeit you are right that the PowerPC tree is much 
> better at testing PowerPC patches.
> A third variant would be to wait with these bits until the swiotlb 
> bits in core/iommu hit upstream. This would increase patch latency.
> Any of these variants is good to me. What Fujita suggests seems to 
> be the best to me: #1 gets us the most testing and the lowest 
> latency - at the cost of tree dependency. We wont rebase core/iommu.
> [ We've got three good tree properties: "tree independence",
>   "good testing", "low patch latency", but we cannot have all
>   three at once, we must pick two of them ;-) ]
> 	Ingo

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