Problem with PCIe -> PCI bridge on MPC8377E-RDB

Kumar Gala galak at
Wed Aug 12 15:20:21 EST 2009

On Aug 11, 2009, at 10:25 PM, B.J. Buchalter wrote:

> I don't know the model of the board off the top of my head.
> I do know that it uses the Texas Instruments XIO2000A/XIO2200 PCI  
> Express-to-PCI Bridge (rev 03), with the TSB82AA2 OHCI Link behind  
> the bridge.
> The same board definitely works as expected in a Mac Pro.
> In doing some Google searches about this, I have seen the TI part  
> listed in the PCI configuration of folks running linux (though  
> probably on Intel) and apparently having no problems with the busses  
> behind the bridge being enumerated.
> I am guessing that the problem is related the the PCIe root complex  
> on the 8377, but I am just guessing.
> Is PCIe known to work on the MPC837x?

It is suppose to.  I would recommend updating u-boot to something  
newer and see what you get on that side.

Also I'll try see if we have a PCIe board w/a p2p bridge on it.  I'm  
guessing no one has tried PCIe on 83xx w/a p2p bridge on it.

- k

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