[PATCH 1/2] powerpc: add kexec support on FSL-Book-E

Sebastian Andrzej Siewior bigeasy at linutronix.de
Wed Aug 5 05:41:35 EST 2009

* wilbur.chan | 2009-08-02 09:25:43 [+0800]:

>Hi, Sebastian,
Hi Wilbur,

>In your patch of Booke support for kexec , it setup a 1GB TMP mapping
>and jump to it.
>But I saw that, the max size for an e500 entry is 256M??so I changed
>your code to setup 4*256M entries, and it works well on mpc8541.

The e500 core family reference manual [0] in chapter 12.2.2
(Variable-Sized Pages) says e500v1 supports only up to 256MiB and e500v2
supports up to 4GiB. So this code is e500v2 but not on purpose.

>Howerver,it didn't work on mpc8548(e500 v2)  and
>P2020ds(SMP,e500 v2) , and  'rfi' to final_copy_code failed.(I also
>setup a 1:1 mapping for serial ,so I can trap the flowchart in
>Any suggestions about this ?   Thank you very much.
There is no SMP support. The other CPUs are not halted/resumed. At the
time of writing it I did not have a SMP machine so I did not implement
In general it should work on e500v2 boxes. There is one ugly thing: I
did not setup the stack in the purgatory code. That means the purgatory
code (and everything after it) is using kernel's old stack. This might
corrupt things.
I don't let purgatory code jump to the kernel code. Instead I jump to a
tiny wrapper that is linked at 8Mib and takes the device tree which
was handed over, uncompresses the kernel to 0x0 and jumps there. Since
there is a gap betwwen 0 and 8MiB I usually have my purgatory stack
there. Therefore the wrapper around kernel has to bring its own stack.

[0] E500CORERM.pdf


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