Please revert edada399 and 9203fc9c

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Tue Apr 28 14:56:33 EST 2009


Please revert commits edada399 ("powerpc: Use TEXT_TEXT macro in
linker script.") and 9203fc9c ("powerpc: Use __REF macro instead of
old .text.init.refok."), which depends on edada399.

Commit edada399 breaks the build because it moves the __ftr_alt_*
sections of a file away from the .text section, causing link failures
due to relative conditional branch targets being too far away from the
branch instructions.  This happens on pretty much all 64-bit powerpc

Clearly these patches were never even build-tested.  They were never
acked by the powerpc maintainer (Ben) - because he was on vacation -
and they weren't sent to the deputy maintainer (me) or the relevant
mailing list (linuxppc-dev).

And they are clearly not fixes for regressions or serious bugs, so why
are these patches going in after -rc3 anyway?


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